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Use Cases

Be the first in your industry to offer natural language interaction with your data to your business leaders.





An insurance company's sales organization had low adoption and interaction with PowerBI dashboards despite several training sessions. The existing dashboards were complex and lacked user-friendliness, leading to low data adoption and limited insights derived from the data.

We exposed the existing data model of PowerBI and created a simple and intuitive interface for users to navigate and interact with the data model. This enabled users to filter, sort, and visualize data efficiently, resulting in a 400% increase in user interaction with the data.

The improved interface led to a significant increase in user adoption of PowerBI dashboards and improved trust in the system. The sales organization could derive valuable insights from the data, leading to better performance and decision-making.



An events management CRM software provider had low adoption of their dashboards despite high development costs. Users found the dashboards complex and challenging to navigate, leading to limited engagement.

The company introduced Quaeris' GPT like search bar in their new release, which allowed users to ask questions in natural language and pin the answers into personalized pinboards. This simplified the dashboard interaction and made it more user-friendly.

The Quaeris search bar led to improved user adoption and engagement with the dashboards. Users found it easier to navigate and interact with the data, leading to more effective use of the CRM software. The company could now deliver valuable insights to their users at a reduced cost.

Services SaaS

Services SaaS

A property management SaaS company used an expensive third-party dashboard software for its data visualization needs. However, the dashboards were not user-friendly, and users found them difficult to use, leading to low engagement.

The company integrated Quaeris' GPT-like search into their mobile app, enabling users to ask questions in natural language and receive instant answers. This simplified the data discovery process and made it more accessible to users who were not data-savvy.

The integration of Quaeris Natural Language Search led to improved user engagement with the SaaS platform. Users found it easier to access and understand the data, leading to increased utilization of the platform. The company could now deliver valuable insights to its users at a reduced cost, leading to improved customer satisfaction and retention.

higher ed

Higher Education Institution

A University faced a challenge in measuring student retention accurately, affecting both faculty performance assessments and enrollment decisions. To tackle this issue, they employed the use of Quaeris, a student retention measurement tool. 

With Quaeris, the university was able to track student engagement, performance, attendance, and faculty performance. They identified patterns in student drop-out rates, allowing them to promptly address the problem. Data from Quaeris revealed that some faculty members were not meeting student expectations, leading the university to provide additional training. 

As a result, student engagement and satisfaction improved, leading to a student retention rate of over 91% each semester. The University was able to do a quick-fire analysis and present the analysis formally to the respective stakeholders. Quaeris helped the university effectively respond to retention issues, contributing to their success. 


A leading financial institution struggled to gain insights into its customers' behavior and preferences, making it difficult to create targeted marketing campaigns and improve customer satisfaction. They needed a solution that could quickly analyze vast amounts of customer data and provide real-time insights.

The financial institution decided to try Quaeris to analyze customer data, including transaction history, demographic information, and social media activity. Quaeris provided real-time insights into customer behavior, spending patterns, and product preferences, enabling the bank to create personalized marketing campaigns and improve its product offerings.

The user-friendly interface and easy-to-use dashboard of Quaeris proved to be a hit with the bank's management team. The dashboard provided a clear overview of key performance indicators: 

  • customer acquisition increased by 15%, resulting in over 100,000 new customers
  • customer retention rates increased by 10%, allowing the bank to retain an additional 50,000 customers
  • the bank was able to identify new product opportunities and optimize its pricing strategy, resulting in a 12% increase in revenue or $2.5 million.




An events management CRM software provider had coded dashboards in their tool. They were expensive to build and adoption stayed low. 

With their new release, they use Quaeris search bar that lets users ask questions in natural language and lets users pin the answers into personalized pinboards.





Services SaaS

A property management SaaS company used an expensive third party dashboard software - again, expensive to build, but users found them not easy to use. 

With Quaeris, their users, who are not data savvy at all, ask questions in natural language on their mobile device and get instant answers.



Ready to Scale Your Business?

"This is like Christmas morning for me’ is how Jill Van Beke, my colleague, described Quaeris. The tool itself is fluid, modern and so user-friendly. We were able to adopt Quaeris in a matter of days; using it for everything from answering operational questions to beautiful pinboards to PPT/PDF reporting.

In short, Quaeris gave us quantifiable value right off the bat – something that would have taken weeks or months with traditional tools.

I see further opportunities in building better products to serve our customers’ analytical needs with Quaeris."

Courtney Ramey ,Chief Product Officer, E4E




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