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Save 30 minutes/user/day*

The biggest time drain for CFOs is chasing information, data, and people.

QuaerisAI solves this problem by centralizing your data, documents, and collaboration into one streamlined workflow.

*: QuaerisAI comes with unlimited user licenses

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Contracts, Policies or Invoices 

Get answers and extract data in minutes

Why invest 10s of thousands of dolalrs per year in a CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) solution or AP automation solution? Start with Quaeris and automate processes.

Ask Natural Language questions from 100s of files in your OneDrive or SharePoint and de-bottleneck information pipelines.

"Increase productivity by centralizing finance workflows with Quaeris"

Data to value in minutes

Get to tangible value without constant BI support

Just imagine, if you could get your complex data questions answered instantly without waiting or depending on your BI Team. Board questions or Leadership's curiosity, all answered in seconds.

Standard Reports - Check! 

Beyond answers, you still need standard reports. Quaeris is just as innovative here:

- Template driven reports - Check!

- One click refresh - Check!

- Approval workflow - Check!

- Package Reports into ReportBooks - Check!

- Schedule Reports - Check!

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Case Study: Fast growing marketing agency






A fast growing marketing agency came together by inorganic combination of several companies. So, the CFO inherited a complex environment, with five lines of businesses with no standardization of MSAs and SOWs. There was no visibility into bookings (signed contracts) and change requests were not reflected into the bookings tracking. First thing they attempted to do is to implement a Contract Management Solution (CLM) in place.  


CLMs systems are notoriously rigid and expect you to fit your contracts/contracting process within their rigid structure. It became evident quickly that CLM was not a system they wanted to adopt. So, the client thought of reversing the process, so instead of forcing structure at the onset, they decided to give their business executives the flexibility, and 'extract structured data' at the back end.  


QuaerisAI has an Agentic Architecture, and one of the agents, 'Data Extract Agent' was used to extract data into a grid within QuaerisAI. This grid is editable and the 'Human In The Loop' validates the data and one-click load into QuaerisAI for analytics. The finance team can do natural language Q&A on this data and the dashboards are refreshed automatically. 

All CLM analytics is now available, such as contracts coming up for renewal, terms and special language can be quickly investigated and analyzed. In addition, combining contract data with finance data, interesting insights such as Bookings VS Billing, Bookings Trend VS Billing Trends, Lag in Billing etc. can be analyzed.