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Intelligent Data Stories

if your data needs to transform from anything from an immaculate pdf report to a weekly update deck, stories were designed for you.

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Stories & Storybooks


Composable Reporting

A Story is a complex weave of imagery and words. Quaeris makes it super-easy to build these out with minimal effort and single-click refresh of all data. 


A collection of Stories is a storybook, collaborated, sourced and brought to life with governance and ease. Invite users to view the reports within Quaeris and avoid the temptation of export into PDFs, PPTs.

"Successful data stories aren't about the data;
they are told through the eyes of the data"

                                                                                - Rishi, our co-founder

Pins & Pinboards


Dynamic Pins

All it takes is one click to monitor results for daily review or to save intriguing insights. Best of all, pins update automatically to display real-time results.


So long rigid dashboards. You have the power to curate real-time, dynamic dashboards to monitor your most vital KPIs.

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Choose a Plan to Suit Your Business

each business faces different challenges, we cover them in our pricing plans.

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