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Conversational Queries

answering questions to support your finance and operations workflows is what QuaerisAI is made for.

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Natural Language Search

Simply ask questions in plain English, there’s no need to write queries or use keywords. Behind the scenes, our advanced AI engine transforms your inquiry into database-ready language in seconds.


Intuitive Answers

Your answers are automatically displayed in the most relevant format based on the question asked. You can easily switch visualization types between graphs, tables, and text responses to suit your needs.



Intelligent Results

Like life, data is nothing without context. Our cognitive AI engine interprets your search, interests, role, and history before providing ranks results to enable further exploration.

User Feedback Loop

Provide a thumbs up or thumbs down to all questions to enhance future insights and refine your suggested algorithm.


Directly ask questions to your dataset by simply using your voice.


Exploratory Drill Down

Easily add filters to search results to dig deeper and explore relevant questions.

Query Inspector

Always access the SQL query that was utilized to generate the results to your questions.