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Converged Enterprise Search

Use QuaerisAI like your personal assistant or your co-pilot. just connect it to your data sources and your document store then ask it anything you want to know. then, invite your team to collaborate with you.



Conversational Queries

Answering questions to support your bizops teams is what QuaerisAI was made for. 



Intelligent Data Stories

If your data needs to transform from anything from an immaculate pdf report to a weekly update deck, stories were designed for you.



Quaeris Communities

Never take a screenshot of your report again. Never email four different filtered versions of your excel again. Never lose the chart you meant to save for quarterly reports again.

data source


Quaeris & [your data source]

Leverage the power of your data store with QuaerisAI - whether it's something as powerful as a data virtualization platform or something as persistent as excels, QuaerisAI can help you explore it.



Embedded Analytics

If you’re in the business of creating products or providing a service to your customers
take the leap with our next-gen capabilities - discover the power of adding interactive data to your platform with just one click.

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Enable everyone in your company with analytics with fast and easy-to-use insights.

You have hired data scientists and expensive BI people, but availability or quality of insights has remained stagnant. More importantly, people beyond the small users still do not have access to simple data/insights.

Migrating to another tool or more training will not help, you need a solution 'made for business users' not another tool to write better/faster SQL.

  • Cut unnecessary costs where you can
  • Get analytics out of ivory tower into the hands of all users
  • Leverage Generative AI, not people
 save on costs of licenses

Optimize your data analytics tools 

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"With the first use case related to Risk Analysis, we came across key data points that challenged our years old hypothesis that warranted further investigation!

We plan to extend Quaeris to our Product Development and Sales organizations as well. We definitely see leveraging Quaeris in long-term."

Pankaj Sing
Pankaj Sing

CTO of National Auto Care