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Embedded Analytics

if you’re in the business of creating products or providing a service to your customers
take the leap with our next-gen capabilities - discover the power of adding interactive data to your platform with just one click.

with quaeris, you can embed visuals, pinboards and entire data stories wherever you want to.



Easy on You

No protracted negotiations; simple, predictable and amazingly low pricing

Easy on Your Team

We can take you live on a new platform in weeks; or you can offer ours as an add on

Easy on Your Customers

No complicated training and an intuitive interface leads to a smooth transition

First Move Advantage

Be the first to market with clean visuals and secure natural language search

Scalable Architecture

Quaeris' containerized system on K8s allows you to scale with your usage

New Competitive Edge

Consumption based pricing allows you to keep fixed costs low while embracing tech


Enhance your product

Modernize the look, feel, tech and value

Your product is outstanding and solves a unique problem for your customers, but it has static charts and graphs that your developers spent a lot of time coding. They are uninspiring, draw down engagement, and are one dimensional.

What if you offered a sharp, fluid, intuitive embedded analytics BI layer that allowed your customer to leverage natural language data-exploration, self-service analytics, collaboration and everything in between?

Do more, do better, but at lower costs

Pay for usage/consumption

Say good-bye to the 'per-user/per seat' pricing model of the old BI.

The value of consumption based pricing is most relevant when it comes to the best embedded BI tools. To add users without a 'step-function' increase in costs. Your users suffer no loss in performance and your usage costs scale in proportion to how much your users enjoy using Quaeris - all predictable, all transparent.

With old BI, 'unlimited users' really means high-cost or poor-performance

When you pay $60K to $200K for 'unlimited users' in 'server license cost', the performance and user experience deteriorate as you add users. So, yes, there is a 'limit' to the number of users you add! This forces you to constantly do 'performance tuning' and eventually, buy another 'server instance' easily doubling your cost!

With Quaeris, you scale users seamlessly, with no performance concerns or performance tuning needs whatsoever.

Eliminate redundant costs

Neither you nor your analysts like to answer the same questions over and over again for your users. Enable self-service and collaboration within embedded reporting tool in USA and see your costs flying down.

Monetize data & bring new products to market faster with embedded, AI-driven analytics solution
Embed AI powered analytics in your product to reduce costs & improve customer retention

Revenue, anyone?

Technology is cost, value is Revenue:

Quaeris can be offered as an 'advanced analytics' layer on top of your existing product. Your customers will love the fluidity, intuitiveness and usability white-labeled Quaeris offers.

And if they love it, they will likely pay! Contact us to learn more about joint selling solutions and value-add embedded.

Expand user population

With Quaeris, you will see growth in your user population naturally as users easily adopt our technology. This offers the opportunity for you to grow your product footprint and for us to drive revenue together.