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Converged Enterprise Search

use QuaerisAI like your personal assistant or your co-pilot. just connect it to your data sources and your document store then ask it anything you want to know. then, invite your team to collaborate with you.

enterprise search was purpose built for finance, legal, operations and executive teams.

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Chat Interface for Search

Simply ask questions in plain English, there’s no need to write queries or use keywords. Behind the scenes, our advanced AI engine transforms your inquiry into database-ready language in seconds.

Search Documents and Data

With this new powerful mode of search, we combine every part of your business into one powerful interface. Connect QuaerisAI to your SharePoint or Google Drive to give it access to your contracts; and then also connect it to your database to give it access to your data.

All you have to do is come up with a question.


The world of LLMs is super dynamic, every day there is a new winner. Besides, your organization may have an ELA with Microsoft or Google or AWS.

QuaeisAI does not lock you into a LLM - we offer you BYOM (Bring Your Own Model) option. In fact, you could choose to use one model for Marketing use cases and another for Legal and yet another for Finance/FP&A. We support Microsoft OpenAI, PaLM, Llama and others. Of course, you can always use your own proprietary model or our model for free.


Data Extraction

Ever felt the need to pull out data from your Contracts/MSAs/SOWs or say skills of employees from 100s of resumes? Just ask for our Data Extract Agent to pull out content and data from 1000s of documents, and you will have it in a nice table/spread-sheet format in no time!

Actually, one of our customers uses QuaerisAI instead of investing 10s of thousands of dollars in Contract lifecycle Management (CLM) solution. They extract data from documents and display and analyze in QuaerisAI Pinboards!

Document Citations

Trust but verify. Our document search model returns citations for every piece of information it tells you, making it easier to search through all of your information.

User Feedback

Is that the perfect response or is it not quite what you were looking for? Give a star rating to all responses from the Enterprise Search model, letting it learn your tastes and favorite response patterns on its own.

Invite Collaborators

Invite collaborators to any of your enterprise search threads - keep your data conversations in real time and move on from taking screenshots and sending tedious emails.

Exploratory Drill Down

Easily add filters to search results to dig deeper and explore relevant questions.

Query Inspector

Always access the SQL query that was utilized to generate the results to your questions.