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Introducing the Industry's First Consumption based pricing.

Low starting price, scales with your growth at predictable costs.

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Quaeris' Consumption Based Pricing


The only Embedded Analytics tool that offers Consumption based pricing.

+ Scale & Grow as your users and their consumption grows
+ Provision unlimited users based on their personas
+ Benefit from transparent & fully predictable pricing

  • Startups start with free-tier
  • All imputed PUPM cost could be below $1
  • Unlimited users, unlimited data, unlimited growth!
  • 50,000 questions / mo

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User Based

Why pay the same price for 80% of your occasional users as for the power-users

  • Highest per-user, per-month cost
  • Easier to get started and to meter
  • Constantly negotiate with vendor for discounts


Server Based

Costs grow as a HUGE Step-Function, while your users grow gradually and linearly

  • Highest up-front cost
  • Difficult to estimate growth, so you are always paying more
  • Continuing to add users on the same server leads to poor user-experiences


Flat, Feature or Data Volume Based

None of these are ideal models, although they seem straightforward

  • Flat pricing offer low value in early stages
  • You don't want to nickle & dime your customers
  • Data volume based pricing is perhaps the least optimal

Why Quaeris for Embedded?

Embed an individual chart Vector
Embed a whole Pinboard
Embed a fully interactive Report/Story Vector
Choose to auto-refresh data, or keep the data static
Zero code embedding: Copy + Paste!


Core Capabilities

Full Featured Product Vector
No limit on data: embed unlimited amounts of data
Unlimited Notebooks & Use-Cases Vector
Dual Branding - your logo & your client's logo
Personal Pinboards Vector
Shared Pinboards Vector
Unlimited Storyboards & Stories Vector
Enhanced data security: RBAC & Row-Level Security Vector


Power of Collaboration & Communities

Collaboration & Communities:

  - Allow Collaboration with validated email domains only Vector
 - Seamlessly add Collaborator Personas Vector
  - 3 months fee for all Collaboration Users Vector
History - choose the duration
Meta-Analysis of Users interaction via Collaboration & History


Revolutionize your Deployment

Deployment On-Prem or SaaS
Availability SLA 99.5% for SaaS
Data moved to Quaeris Cloud? No, never
Run on any cloud: Azure, Amazon, Google, IBM or on-premises Vector
Native Mobile App
Android & iOS
Dedicated Rep