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What we stand for

Our Vision:

'Empower every user in every organization with data'

Quaeris Vision - 360 Degree


"Empower every user in every organization with data"

We are driven by the vision that every user has seamless access to data that they need, when they need, wherever they are, without dependence on people. To enable adoption, Quaeris has been beautifully designed*, simple* and intuitive to use.

*: "Design is not just how something looks, design is how it functions." - Steve Jobs

**: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Albert Einstein

Our Mission


We wake up every morning to achieve and fulfill our mission to build an amazingly simple and intuitive insights/BI software. We put in days of effort so our users will save on one extra click. We are re-designing our UI/UX for the third time so our users will never have to attend a 'User Training'.

It takes a lot of hard work to make somethings simple.

Our mission is to enable those 100s and 1000s of business users, who need insights for every-day micro-decisions but struggle to get answers.

Our equally important mission is to support the already stretched and overworked Data, BI and Analytics Teams. They give their sweat and blood to enable their large organizations and spend long days addressing the whims of individual users. These Teams spend over half their time on work-loads that are not intellectually stimulating or fulfilling, leading to burn-outs. Quaeris will free these teams from that drudgery.