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Frequently Asked Questions

What data sources does Quaeris support?

Quaeris supports 300+ connectors to most of the popular transactional products such as SalesForce, HubSpot CRM, Azure Synapse Analytics, SAP, WorkDay etc.

We natively support SQL, Postgres, Oracle,  Snowflake, Azure Synapse, Redshift, Athena etc. We more than likely connect easily with your source data, if not, we are happy to build an integration out for you!

Do you copy/move our data?

No! Quaeris Will never move your level-zero data. Your data stays secure and covered in your data platform. Quaeris sends queries to your data and presents the results set. 

Because we never move your data, There is no risk of data-loss, data-latency or added cost of multiple copies of data.

How easy/difficult is it to learn Quaeris?

Quaeris is designed to be super-intuitive and many users pick using Quaeris on their own. We, do however, offer training guides, self-guided navigation and even instructor-lead trainings. All of these are included with purchase.

What cloud platforms do you support/run-on?

Quaeris supports all major cloud providers and we can also connect/source data from on-prem data.

Many of our enterprise customers request installs on their private-cloud - and we are happy to support your request.

How does Quaeris access our data?

Quaeris answers questions on your data via read only connection strings. 

We never move your level-zero data, thus avoiding risk of data-loss, data-latency or added cost of multiple copies of data.

How does Quaeris understand our jargon?

Our Data-Model captures your company's lingo and our language model is getting better with each passing day and more usage - so, the more you use it, the better your experience with Quaeris will be!

We already have PowerBI, Tableau and other BI Tools. Do we still need Quaeris?

Quaeris is ideal for high-volume, low complexity data questions that your operations, sales or marketing teams may ask. Quaeris therefore complements your BI tools which are meant for advanced analytics.

Most of our clients have PowerBI or Tableau or both, but their BI adoption is stuck at 3-10%. Quaeris accelerates that adoption to 30-60% by enabling everyday users with instant answers on their data questions!

What kinds of users and organization types does Quaeris work with?
Quaeris is ideal for startups looking to build embedded solution quickly as well as for Enterprises who have tried all kinds of BI tools and have still not found adoption over 10%.
Does Quaeris have a mobile app?

Yes, Quaeris has a mobile app for Android, iPad, and iPhone.

What languages does Quaeris support?

Quaeris natively supports English and Spanish! 

¡Sí! Hablamos Español!

What support options does Quaeris offer?

Quaeris offers support via 24/7 live support and online.

What type of training does Quaeris provide?

Well, did you need any training to use Google or Pinterest? If not, you are likely to pick up Quaeris intuitively.

We do have videos that explain some unique capabilities of the product and our Customer Success Associates are always on standby to help and support you in addition to periodic instructor-lead trainings for our customers.

Does Quaeris offer a free trial?

Yes, we have a free-tier available for very small teams for one use-case. 

Can we Embed Quaeris in our Applications?

Quaeris is great to Embedded Analytics actually! When enabled, you will be able to copy a URL for every chart/graph, or a full-pinboard that you make. 

You will have high-quality embedded solution in no time!

Does Quaeris have an API?

Yes, Quaeris has an API.

How much does Quaeris cost?

Quaeris offers very flexible pricing models, User Packs, Use-Case based and Consumption based pricing. You can pick a pricing model and we can work with you to help you move across different pricing models as you continue to grow in your adoption!

What support options are available to us?

Quaeris offers support included with purchase and additional fee / premium available.