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Quaeris vs. Sisense

Opt for Quaeris' GPT-driven analytics and outshine Sisense with next-generation features.


Trusted by data-driven businesses worldwide.

National Auto Care
Legacy A Traverse Company Group
Health Insights uses Quaeris - augmented analytics platform
Bridgetree utilizes Quaeris's augmented BI solution to drive marketing expertise
ABL Soft utilizes Quaeris' AI driven analytics platform

Quaeris vs Sisense

Unlock Data Accessibility with Quaeris


VectorEffortless exploration of row-level data for business users

VectorSeamless integration with cloud data

VectorGPT-enhanced analytics for in-depth insights

VectorLower cost per user at scale and rapid deployment of innovative features

Vector   TCO of Quaeris is 1/10th that of Sisense for a much better, next generation product





Relies on proprietary ElastiCube technology for data management

Vector(1)   Multiple copies of data results in risks of data-loss, latency etc.

Vector(1)More complex interface with a steep learning curve

Vector(1)Dependency on data extracts for large datasets

Vector(1)   Dependency on consultants and developers before getting any meaningful insights. Long implementation cycles.


Why Choose Quaeris Over Sisense

Quaeris offers a revolutionary, GPT-powered analytics platform

GPT-Enhanced Analytics

Quaeris delivers advanced analytics and insights that Sisense can't match. This cutting-edge advantage enables businesses to make smarter, data-driven decisions and outperform their competition.

Intuitive User Interface

Quaeris boasts an intuitive spreadsheet UI that empowers users of all skill levels to access and analyze data with ease. This streamlined interface accelerates adoption across organizations and eliminates the need for extensive training.

Robust Collaboration

Quaeris encourages real-time collaboration among team members, making it simple to share insights and work together on data projects. With Quaeris, your entire organization can harness the power of data analytics, fostering a data-driven culture that drives innovation and growth.

Discover the Quaeris Advantage



Choose Quaeris and unlock the insights you need to stay ahead of the competition. Click the button below to start your journey towards data-driven success today!