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Quaeris vs. Mode

Redefine Your Data Potential with the Smart Choice for Modern Business

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Trusted by data-driven businesses worldwide.

National Auto Care
Legacy A Traverse Company Group
Health Insights uses Quaeris - augmented analytics platform
Bridgetree utilizes Quaeris's augmented BI solution to drive marketing expertise
ABL Soft utilizes Quaeris' AI driven analytics platform

Quaeris vs Mode

Empower your data decisions with the unbeatable choice for analytics


VectorLeverages the power of the cloud for efficient, scalable analytics without any additional infrastructure

VectorSupports real-time collaboration and sharing of insights across teams

VectorProvides non-technical users with an intuitive UI for effortless data access and analysis

VectorSuper-intuitive to use, no training required for power-users or end-users





Vector(1)Meant for analysts that live in code

Vector(1)   Scalability may come with more constraints

Vector(1)Collaboration features are limited

Vector(1)The interface requires a steep learning curve


Dependency on consultants and certifications and developers before you get to see any insights

Why Choose Quaeris Over Mode

Elevate you analytics with unparalleled performance

Effortless Integration with Popular Data Sources

Quaeris understands the importance of seamless data connection and has made it simple to connect to various databases, cloud storage systems, and third-party applications. This flexibility allows businesses to focus on gaining valuable insights from their data without worrying about compatibility issues or time-consuming integrations.

Enhanced Customization and Adaptability

Quaeris is designed to be highly adaptable to the unique needs of each organization. It offers a range of customization options that enable businesses to tailor their analytics experience to match their specific requirements. Whether it's creating custom dashboards, designing visually appealing reports, or integrating with other tools, Quaeris makes it easy to fine-tune your analytics experience

Empowering Non-Technical Users

Quaeris focuses on empowering non-technical users to harness the power of data. Quaeris aims to democratize data analytics by providing an intuitive interface that allows even those without a technical background to access, analyze, and derive valuable insights from their data. By eliminating the barriers to entry for data analytics, Quaeris enables businesses to tap into the full potential of their workforce and make data-driven decisions across all levels of the organization.


Discover the Quaeris Advantage



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