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Quaeris vs. Domo

Redefine your data potential with the smart choice for modern business

Quaeris Analysis Solution

Trusted by data-driven businesses worldwide.

National Auto Care
Legacy A Traverse Company Group
Health Insights uses Quaeris - augmented analytics platform
Bridgetree utilizes Quaeris's augmented BI solution to drive marketing expertise
ABL Soft utilizes Quaeris' AI driven analytics platform

Quaeris vs Domo

Transform Your Analytics Journey with Quaeris


VectorNo need to move data: Analyze data on cloud data platforms or on-prem

VectorSocial-collaboration, real-time editing and teamwork support

VectorGPT-powered analytics for fluid, intuitive insights

VectorMulti-tenant, multi-logo OEM solution that goes live in minutes for each new client.

Vector   For less than cost of Domo on cloud, you can afford Quaeris on-prem and keep data secure and private




Vector(1)Requires data to be loaded in Domo cloud. Leads to challenges of higher costs, latency etc.

Vector(1)Limited collaboration, disconnected Card content

Vector(1)Lacks GPT integration for business users


Complexity is still thy name. Attempt to solve by countless hours in Domo University and certifications.


Why Choose Quaeris Over Domo

Quaeris offers a revolutionary, GPT-powered analytics platform

Ideal OEM Solution & Partner

As an OEM, you need multi-tenancy solution, so you can provision a new client in matter of minutes. You need multi-logo branding capability, a solution that shows your logo as well as your client's logo. Grow adoption of your platform among users as well as among executives and decision makers.


Harness the Power of GPT-Powered Insights

Our platform utilizes advanced GPT technology to provide deeper insights and a more thorough understanding of your data. Domo, on the other hand, lacks GPT integration, which means you miss out on the benefits of this revolutionary artificial intelligence technology.

Enjoy a Truly Scalable Solution

As your business grows, it's essential to have a data analytics platform that can grow with you. Quaeris offers a scalable solution with lower costs per user, making it an ideal choice for organizations of all sizes. Domo, however, tends to have higher costs per user, especially for larger teams. By choosing Quaeris, you'll ensure that your data analytics platform can support your growth and adapt to your changing needs without breaking the bank.

Discover the Quaeris Advantage



Choose Quaeris and unlock the insights you need to stay ahead of the competition. Click the button below to start your journey towards data-driven success today!