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Speed to Insights

Quaeris makes it easy to gain the insights you need by creating a seamless search-driven experience across data and documents

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Customize the Components You Want

Ask questions in natural language & get instant answers with Ai powered analytics platform

Q&A Bar

Users ask questions in natural language and get instant answers. No more unnecessarily expensive dashboards to build and maintain. 

Highlight specific data sets with custom pinboards on Quaeris - next-gen analytics platform

Personalized Pinboards

Users can personalize their own pin boards to highlight and prioritize specific data sets.

Quaeris' search driven BI solution enables teams to collaborate one-on-one or with whole team

Collaboration Threads

Share insights and collaborate one-on-one or with the whole team in real-time.

Reports, re-invented

Stories, Storybooks & More

Build scalable reports in minutes and refresh with one-click. Invite 100s of users to view & interact. Say 'no' to downloads and emailing.

"Data should tell the story, not about data, but through the eyes of a data"

                                                                                                                - Rishi, our co-founder

Intuitive Search


Natural Language Search

Simply ask questions in plain English, there’s no need to write queries or use keywords. Behind the scenes, our advanced AI engine transforms your inquiry into database-ready language in seconds.


Instantaneous suggestions from your dataset are provided as you type to speed up your search process.


Directly ask questions to your dataset by simply using your voice.

Natural language search, autocomplete & voice-to-text capabilities on Quaeris' AI driven analytics platform
Ask questions in natural language & get tailored answers from your data using Quaeris' Ai-driven analytics solution

Personalized Results

Intelligent Results

Like life, data is nothing without context. Our cognitive AI engine interprets your search, interests, role, and history before providing ranks results to enable further exploration.

Intuitive Answers

Your answers are automatically displayed in the most relevant format based on the question asked. You can easily switch visualization types between graphs, tables, and text responses to suit your needs.

User Feedback Loop

Provide a thumbs up or thumbs down to all questions to enhance future insights and refine your suggested algorithm.

Query Inspector

Always access the SQL query that was utilized to generate the results to your questions.

Exploratory Drill Down

Easily add filters to search results to dig deeper and explore relevant questions.

Pins & Pinboards


Dynamic Pins

All it takes is one click to monitor results for daily review or to save intriguing insights. Best of all, pins update automatically to display real-time results.


So long rigid dashboards. You have the power to curate real-time, dynamic dashboards to monitor your most vital KPIs.

Curate real-time, dynamic dashboards on Quaeris - conversational analytics platform
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Stories & Storybooks


Composable Reporting

A Story is a complex weave of imagery and words. Quaeris makes it super-easy to build these out with minimal effort and single-click refresh of all data. 


A collection of Stories is a storybook, collaborated, sourced and brought to life with governance and ease. Invite users to view the reports within Quaeris and avoid the temptation of export into PDFs, PPTs.

Conversation Threads


Collaborative Chat Interface

Familiar chat UI encourages in-depth conversations that lead to informed decisions.

Fast, Protected Sharing

With just one click you can select individuals with access to the data and add a personalized message to drive conversations.


Enable notifications to ensure you never miss an update. You can easily access the insights you have shared with others and what they have shared with you.

Conversational insights from data with power of secure sharing & notifications

Choose a Plan to Suit Your Business

Each business faces different challenges, we cover them in our pricing plans.

Quaeris - self-service analytics platform pricing details




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