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collaborative intelligence for structured & unstructured data 


get started within a day.

no data movement.

avoid privacy and security risk. 


Build your own AI product

got LLM credits? building your own language model? use QuaerisAI to deploy your GenAI application before EOD.

bring your model, bring your data, bring your users. configure your app with zero code.

roll out your app to 100s of users on our cloud or in your private cloud.

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built for enterprises. chat with your data, documents, and coworkers in a single pane of glass, in real-time.

three clicks and embed stunning chart,  a whole pinboard or even a whole story into your application or web-page.

eliminate the noise, embrace data-driven collaboration with governance and get stakeholders on the same page.

one click refresh for your report templates. send for approvals. combine to make story-books. publish instantly.

keep your data private and modernize your architecture with Quaeris' implementation options.

connect to any data store/warehouse or source system. Connect to Google drive, OneDrive or SharePoint and ask away.


Consumerize Insights

adoption of insights is low. investment has not given results.  advanced tech should make life easier for users.

iPhone did it. 

Consumerizing Insights will make data experiences intuitive and enjoyable. enjoy the congratulations you will get for taking your company into the age of AI.

We Reinvented Embedded Analytics



learn how you can one-click embed visuals, dashboards, and stories with Quaeris today



Business solution-pana

For small businesses and individuals looking for a enterprise experience without paying enterprise costs.

Complete your digital transformation journey and enable all of your of users taking action on their data instantly.

Business Plan-amico

For large enterprises eager to embrace the future of analytics without the fear of data loss and hallucinations.

Streamline, optimize and contextualize your workflows. Extract data from documents and search across both in a single pane.

Data Trends-amico

For everyone looking for an easy way to move fast when building standard reports dependent on live data.

Build, approve, publish and share reports and storybooks efficiently and any time all in a few clicks.

Quaeris Platform

Operational Queries

Complete your  Digital Transformation journey and enable 1000s of users on data. 

Converged Search

Streamline, Optimize & Contextualize your workflows. Search across your data and documents in a single-pane.

Reporting Automation

Build, Approve, Publish and Share Reports & Report-Books effectively, efficiently all in a few click. 

Apply Generative AI  to Operational Data:

- Instant insights for the asking

- Collaborate > Act > Control

- Securely, Privately & Governed





Why Quaeris?

Learn how Quaeris complements your current workflows with ease of use for operational, tactical questions that 100s of your users could use every hour, every day.

Explore capabilities of natural language BI platform - Quaeris

"Insights delayed are insights denied"


    Rishi Bhatnagar, Co-Founder, Quaeris

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 At-least 70% savings 

Over Classical Dashboard Tools

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1 day

To fully onboard a 100+ user team

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0 Maintenance

Unlike anything you own

As easy as...

Working with Quaeris - Augmented Analytics solution is a breeze

Check out our white paper:

  • Learn about the power of your data

  • Grow your business with the data you already have

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The GPT-Driven Natural Language Platform

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"Quaeris only produces answers
it can prove are valid.


Louis Trey Gragnani, Co-Founder of Quaeris
on LLM Hallucinations

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