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GPT Driven Data & Insights Platform

Don't just get insights, act on them!

Generative AI for your data. Instant insights, act, collaborate & present.

   - For sales, field, service and marketing teams

   - Enable edge-decision making

   - More secure and private than your current platform





Quaeris' search-driven analytics platform on mobile and desktop

Trusted by data-driven businesses worldwide.

National Auto Care
Legacy A Traverse Company Group
Health Insights uses Quaeris - augmented analytics platform
Bridgetree utilizes Quaeris's augmented BI solution to drive marketing expertise
ABL Soft utilizes Quaeris' AI driven analytics platform

Your Generative Pre-Trained Transformer

Platform to Make Informed Decisions

Up to 70% cost saving

over major dashboarding tools

1 day

to fully onboard a 100+ team

0 maintenance

unlike dashboards



It's as easy as...

Working with Quaeris - Augmented Analytics solution is a breeze

Explore Quaeris' Capabilities

Learn more through our data info sheet covering all the aspects of working in Quaeris.

Explore capabilities of natural language BI platform - Quaeris

"Insights delayed are insights denied"

                                                                                                                                             - Rishi, our co-founder

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